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Domain Name Enquiry Form - Terms and Conditions

Thank you for taking the time to read these terms and conditions. If you are considering the purchase of this domain name it is important that you take note of what is written here.

NB In submitting this form you also agree to accept and abide by our Domain Name Sale - General Terms and Conditions which become applicable should the sale of the domain name later be agreed to you, your company or organisation, or the legal entity you are acting as an agent or representative for or on behalf of.

By providing your details and making an enquiry through this form you are under no obligation whatsoever to purchase the domain name. Furthermore all information you do provide will be treated confidentially and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Pricing information provided in the response to this enquiry is subject to change and will only be confirmed at such point as the sale of the domain name in question is agreed. The receipt of pricing and other information by you / your organisation in response to this enquiry does not mean that we have reserved the domain name on your behalf, or that you have gained at this stage any kind of priority or entitlement over and above any other parties who may be interested in the purchase of the domain name. The domain name will remain open to all buyers until such time as the sale is agreed and confirmed with a given party. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the sale is confirmed only upon receipt and clearance of full and final payment for the domain name from the buyer by the seller; or if applicable receipt of the full agreed deposit amount.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that any false, incomplete or otherwise misleading information entered at this stage will invalidate any subsequent agreements or transfer. It is the details you provide here that will form the basis of the legal 'domain transfer agreement' should a sale be agreed. The transfer of the name will therefore only be made to any person or body provided in this form at this stage and any subsequent modifications will require a new sale agreement. Upon sale the terms of the agreement state the subsequent transfer, leasing or use of the domain name by another body, individual or organisation other than those declared at this stage is not permitted within a 6 month period from the date of completion of sale. The date of completion of sale is that date on which full and final payment for the domain name has been received by Brand Selection Limited. Any violation of these terms unless otherwise agreed in writing, may result in the domain registrant transfer being revoked and legal action.

If you have given inaccurate information and you are genuinely interested in the purchase of the domain name please take this opportunity to remedy this now, as it will render any subsequent agreement invalid. Simply go back and change the information on the previous page before submitting the enquiry form. If you have given sparse or incomplete information please also correct this as we do not reply to submissions with incomplete, inadequate or unverifiable details.

We reserve the right to cancel the sale agreement at any stage should a violation of any of the above terms become apparent.

This agreement is subject to English law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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