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Premium Domain Name Broker Services

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Buying and Selling

We can help you buy a certain domain name using our domain name acquisition serice, we also can help you sell your premium domain name or names using our domain name brokerage service. We have 15 years experience of buying and selling domain names and all this can be at your disposal to help you achieve your objective for the best, fair price.

Domain Name Acquistion Service

If there is a particular domain name that wish to acquire, we offer a service to handle this easily, professionally, effectively and discreetly for you. Sometimes domain names are listed for sale, but on many other occasions they may not be in use but it is hard to find who to contact. However even many domain names that are or appear to be in use can be for sale under the right circumstances.

We can manage this on your behalf taking away all the stress, hassle and convenience from the process. We identify the owner, contacting the owner and tryto buy the domain name for you within your specified budget. Whilst this is not always possible, we have a very good success rate of doing this in even some of the most challenging situations. We offer a much better chance of you securing the domain name you want than you doing it alone and in an easy convenient and effective fashion. Whilst we always ensure a price that is fair to the seller, as a result of our extensive experience and contacts in the industry we usually secure the domain name at a much more competitive price than users would otherwise be able to achieve

An initial consultation is a one off fee of £99. For this we will investigate the domain name and let you know whether or not it may be possible to purchase it. This normally involves us identifying and contacting the owner. Additional fees will apply if the application is successful and can go past this stage. You will be informed of these at that stage and asked if you wish to proceed before we provide further services. Full details of terms and charges can be provided on request.

To request the Domain Acquisition Service please Contact Us.

Domain Name Brokerage Service

We offer a service where we can sell your domain names for you in exchange for a commission. We can handle all stages of this process from identifying prospective buyers, negotiation with buyers, invoicing and administration of payment to transfer of registration of the domain name.

At present we only will consider taking on premium and .com domain names. As a rough guideline premium domain names consist of high frequency dictionary words e.g., 1,2 or 3 character domain names e.g.; or high frequency keyword terms that are not long in terms of number of words or characters e.g. A premium domain name will not normally contain hyphens, numbers or a long number of words or characters.

Please do not contact us regarding the sale of any domain names failing to meet these criteria. We are not interested in, domain names, newly released domain extensions such as .travel, .club etc, or any other country level domain names other than - sorry.

Our standard commission for sales through our website is 15%, this rises to 20% where an active marketing campaign has been carried out on a particular domain name resulting in it's sale. You may advertise your domain name elsewhere as well as on our website, but where an active marketing campaign has been carried out we will require sole rights and control of the domain name for the agreed period of this. Full terms will be provided on request.

To request the Domain Name Brokerage Service please Contact Us.

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